Revolutionizes Hospital Efficiency and Patient Care

MediQueue is a cutting-edge solution designed to drastically reduce waiting times in the healthcare landscape while simultaneously reducing workload and improving working conditions for medical professionals.

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Our solution

Why MediQueue?

Saves time & money

With MedIQ we can effectively save up to 75% of the costs per hospital visit for the emergency ward as well as 30 min of working time per patient for the staff.

Efficient emergency rooms

With MediQ we create effortless communication between waiting patients and the medical staff. Additionally we offer the unique possibilty for pateints to wait outside the hospital waiting room in a place of comfort of their choice.

Reduces Wait Times

We can effectively reduce your wait times to under 1 hour for your emergency ward visit and offer you a dynamic and live updated expected waiting time right there in our App.

Reducing workload & stress

We want medical staff to be less burdened with uneffective administrative work and produced a product that can reduce their workload by 30%, thereby saving them crucial time that they can spend in actually treating people medically.

Revolutionize the emergency room with MediQueue

MediQueue is the future of emergency care

We're on a mission to change the emergency room forever.

Why MediQueue needs to exist

Crowded emergency rooms

Full waiting rooms are not only a hassle and disturbance for any patient but they are also a risky environemnt to catch more diseases while at the same time costing the hospital money and rescources. Why wait there when you can wait in the comfort of your own home.

No patient is supposed to wait longer than 3 hours to receive treatment for emergency care - Unfortunately we all know that is not the case most of the times. Data from the National Board of Health and Welfare supports this claim with their data and proves that the waitng times have been increasing every year, reaching up to 8 hours in densely populated areas.

The waiting queues get's longer and longer

There should be a different way to manage healthcare

We want to make healthcare enjoyable and accessible. No more full waiting rooms. No more hour long waiting without knowing when you recveive treatment. And no more overworked and understaffed medical workers who have to fix these situations. With MediQ we will improve the efficiency of healthcare!

We're building a better future

Our founders

Mohamed Eid Kabbani


Marc Chen


Emanuel Dellsén